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  • What are the core values of I'm High?
    I'm High is dedicated to being a driving force in creating an equitable system for all. We support police reform, drug reform, and the expansion of mental health programs. In short, we support the people.
  • How can I work with or collaborate with I'm High?
    There are several ways to work directly with I'm High. We have a highlighted artist section, in which you can apply to have your business showcased. We also want you to feel free to submit any additional resources you are aware of to us. We would love to add them to our resource library.
  • What is the best way to reach I'm High?
    You can reach us at
  • Why does I'm High take such strong stances against the police?
    I'm High stands firmly on the side of police reform. The system that is in place is devoid of accountability, which creates a breeding ground for injustice.
  • How did you choose the foundations you support?
    We have selected the foundations we support through research and through the reccomendations of people involved in these organizations.
  • What inspired us to make our focus community and social justice?
    The creators of I'm High have been vocal in regards to social justice. We came together through community. So naturally, we combined these two aspects when creating I'm High.
  • How does the Be The Change collection work?
    The be the change collection works by allowing you to make a donation to a reputable organization by purchasing an item. At the end of each month we will take all of the profits from the items sold and donate them. Once we have reciepts we will be posting them.
  • How do I submit helpful information to the resource pages?
    You can submit any helpful information to our email,, or through the contact us page.
  • What is Highlighted Artists?
    A collection of creators and buisness owners.
  • What businesses do you not support?
    We do not support any business that are alligned with anything that is ableist, racist, or pro-life. If it opposes our core beliefs, we do not support it.
  • How do I apply to be a Highlighted Artist?
    You can apply through our email, , or through out contact us page.
  • How do I report a business that is listed?
    We have a contact page with a form you can fill out, or you can DM us on facebook, instagram, or twitter.
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